No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot
– Park Chanyeol


Baekyeol for ‘Kakao game’ cf

why is chanyeol so HOT!!! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)


Minseok: I… like you

Joonmyun: Do you…

Jongdae: Like me too…?


Rewind 203 / 



Every kid should be this appreciative

That’s my child right there.

익명 회원: *plot twist* I'm Miranda Kerr and I'm following Sehun because I heard about the YEHET. Not sure what it is. People keep telling me to find out.


I assure you you might like sehun’s yehet than orlando’s hehe

-AdmiN m

holding hands…. >.<

korean alphabet ( inspiration )



hello, my darlings! i’m constantly telling you guys how much i love you, so i’d like to offer a big present to one of you lucky people! 

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hariumi: if SM keep trying to make jongin's skin look whiter in pictures i swear im going to sue them... Jongin tanned is so fucking celestial , so fucking exquisite , i loved when sm dyed his hair almost white in overdose because HOLLY FUCK HE LOOKED SO UNF !... you know, jongin is the kind of man that it doesnt matter which color he has is pink, green, red, purple (even if its the goddamn rainbow) he looks so D-A-M-N hot!! you feeel me? if you do LET ME HEAR AN AMEN!


Yes, he looks good with his skin. Sometimes, it is not SM that edits his skin tone. It’s his fansites. MOst of the photos we see are from them so you know.. Another thing, Jongin wears make up on stage so it adds to the illusion that he is fairer. That is the way it goes. We have to live with it :)

-Admin M

Not to mention they make him use whitening creams before and after debut to reduce the tan. But honestly, I kind of understand the reasoning behind SM’s obsession with skin tone. In Asia, including India, pale skin means you’re delicate, like porcelain. Those who have tanned skin are usually assumed to be farmers, who spend hours in the sun. In short, skin basically means status. I mean, I don’t even like my own skin tone. My grandmother gave me whitening creams when I left India because she said I need to lose my ugly tan. It sucks. :/

But it’s old-fashioned mentality that Asian societies haven’t moved past. Blame them but don’t blame them idk

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